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Arise. Arise! For it’s very rude to sit while we sing!
Happiness blossoms, Liberty marches with pride!
Reason endows the greetings of Fraternity as we,
Equality sustains, and Happiness follows;
Of all to Her’s behest, Justice strikes from her blind!

With the Fraternity of ours everlasting we pursue,
That those Freemasons of theirs for greater we sue,
Therein, we are United. Therein, we are Equal!
Wherein, Reason our religion; wherein Liberty our food,
Where as ye the reader proclaim God Thyself, and so shall be!

That whose Liberty rolls the floor with pride,
That whose Reason does tear through the skies,
As the Owl of Wisdom through her flight creases the wind,
Through the terrains of hypocrisy does the binding light find,
And blighted as they through lined exhaust the beauty Liberated,

There is no loving Brother and Sister as we enjoy,
There never shall be hypocrisy be hypocrisy based,
And through the pillars of Justice our values upheld,
Those values of tolerance and peace and Reason ye,
Amid those diligently in wait, that those lack enlighten,
Shine through their eyes and enjoy the peace therein,
Uphold it, and seduce with Liberty’s finest and embrace,
For who can not be aroused by Liberty, at her breast hence;
If only, yet upon Her’s, she can offer the ladies all the same!

That for the purposes of ours make the God as We:
Reason, that for ours gives basis for knowledge and diplomacy;
Liberty, that for theirs offers them Conscience for actions effected,
Justice, that their protection ensued and contrary pursued or sued,
Equality, that where lie the stone shall make the rock an equal partner,

Fraternity: Our most important factor in Humanity; that
Shall form the basis of our friendships,
Shall form the basis of our relationships and peerships,
That shall form the basis of our marriages and courtships,
That shall form the basis of all bases for Happiness.

And without saying whose disbelief continues,
This the very song for Humanity sung.

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