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Carefully walk through these fields, I am with mine;
Towards the sun setting through my face upon my brow set,
Whose mighty glow bends me at Her presence through ere shining swept,
Sing through the heat of thy glare that warms my ever-beating heart,
How the birds sing through our lives as wind guides us by,
As the grass fades to the golden breeze of the sun flames faintly die,
Arising that through horizon this mine eyes shunned through this sight beheld,
I am come to be carried into your own life as beauts mine never beheld,
Fade, fade through this sighed night hence besieged by thy presence,
Light this path of mine through this dark and calming night, my beautiful;
I am only a stranger to my stranger, for I am familiar of the familiar lost,
The night blinds me coldly, and all my memories slowly vanish into darkness,
Why I slowly weep and cry for all the opportunities lost, and all the loneliness;
And all the loneliness procured in me, cannot be undone; I am only alone there,
Caress me oh sweet nectar from the lips thy life brews my only cure from hence,
Transport me on your fleeting ship eyes soared with tears deep that my river flows,
Redeem me with the light shine on me that I yonder sight upon my own life,
These tears you bless me with as my heart floats through my throat upwards,
And as it does, can not only breathe but not swallow more love of thine,
That my life complete this sun rising the life in me given yet again erelong,
That the echoes of my cry ere wept whose sirens hear though ashamed too wept,
Call me, and sing through this lonely sky long awakened blue that mine shone mine eyes,
Whose gentle breeze sleepily grease my hands with your tears everlasting:
Who weeps greater than I? Why insult me with your tears when mine not started?
Ah, for mine to begin requires a dry and desolate planet complete for mine:

Therein shall be alone and silent, weeping…
Therein shall create mine own life, growing…
Therein shall begin only the happiness that would be,
Therein would leave the entrails of my past, that my face soars tearfully,
Only let myself be mine alone and silent ere wept,
Only let myself the life of mine create the life on this planet,
Shall create a lively and planet of green fields all round, and mine of life;

For my heart weeps grows fouler than the tongues tasting these tears,
That through the sun to dry my tears, and assure me of her penance,
I only greet the sun with tears that are dried in assurance of her settling,
That for all grains preserved am the finer the silken road once bethought,
That my happiness reserved only burns through the flares.

For Nature offer me this last meal of mine as I eat with heavy heart,
For that only heavy stomach afterwards though enjoyed, thank you;
Though all rays of thine sounded this wind shining sound that decay soon,
Who statically there shine all around you; and be the envy of Ours,
Not long before ye grow and too decay, as I do;
So shall sleep and breathe the last into you, my love,
The night here again, the same spot upon which we met,
That I might see you again in the stars wherefrom we sight,
For love, my ultimate destruction for ye,
For ye, my ultimate destruction for love,
Can no longer weep and cry, for all mine spent,
And departing herefrom, arrive closer to ye;
That my remains lay in there silent sounds,
Whereas I fly and through the Universe do carry myself
Into your arms.