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I walk among you, in the streets I go,
Peering through your windows, admiring my solitude,
The wet pavements soaked with the rain above,
The cold that binds me whole to myself,
Seeking you, and I am always there so long you live.

I am your protector and pity what you must go through,
Your family disgust me; for I am family as we whole,
See me now through your window, there am I waiting;
To put you to sleep, for this love transgress,
In your dreams I am there; in life I am awakened;
Sign yourself for this that brings us together,
Effect this: how I turn away from the light,
How I live towards the night, and in brutish sorrow;
No man would dare nor defy me; for I wish night an ever,
Since this, I am closer to you; I am closer than ever to you.
Shall steal you away from your parents into my domain.

Oh, why are you here?
He’s here for you.
But the raven does not speak without the darkness,
Though she’s as beautiful as day hence I hate,
So hate me, but in the meantime love me,
Pity me for loving when not able to love for one,
So irked by this blood once congealed; this heat that pours,
My touch is firmer than the wood, but cold as the metal;
Whoso greases their hands in passing me, and their touch slips,
I take this for granted: my hands shall slip from all but you,
Only you are my cure to the very disease for which you effected;
All for you, for that does bind us whole; and am here to ensure it,
For us to die? Then I’m ready for darkness and pleasure to consume us.
Darkness is breathing; pleasure is eating; and coldness is fealty.

My mind, it changes…
For it to change without me is sin,
For I to change in me with you is pleasure;
Abandon all you know but I: I am the next world,
But cannot leave just my world without dying first;
Oh, no, no… you are reawakened in me, sigh…
Breathe this life into my lack thereof, mould me,
You could be in any part of the Universe, but am here.
Into the darkness we go?
Into the darkness we go, and slowly consuming us,
Hate this light, and enjoy the pleasures within ourselves;
That’s it, and now little by little enjoy all.

I leave god for you; you are my only God;
My child yours as father in me and the next and new,
Taken over me, am only so helpless before you,
All the alpha males would fight for you, but I have won;
See how I draw you close in me, and knowing you can’t leave.
I am here, but I am afraid of you; yet I enjoy your presence,
That shall wound you and bleed you for my pleasure,
Yes, for I to bleed at your presence and bleed again,
And wipe your blood upon thy breast and taste you and this;
For our child, shall be the sweetest medicine before birth.

To bed we depart, for we have much to perform,
Though, am still afraid. Go, shall meet you soon,
Therein prepared and swift of this hastened heart as am I;
That my life strings of puppets dictated and my arms the figures,
What so this drags me through the corridor in complete darkness,
His door at the very end, towards which I slowly walk;
And through this utter darkness I tread, slowly walking,
And through this life I pass to the next, and so willing,
And through this love I give to pleasure, and brute so;
For I knock and echoes through his door to my body vibrate:

“Are you ready?”
“Come in.”

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