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Indeed, Madame; but first I shall inform you what I mean by love. To think of it is to think of our lives as but a space of darkness; no star to guide us, nor planet to gaze at from above; nor the suns we equal to our hearts as one; for it is none but a thick darkness that covers all through eternity and our lives. The only light we endure is within a sphere which we enjoy as that it is the source of happiness ours. Thine, ’tis a beautiful sphere that I kiss for a pearl in the darkness that reflects an aura of beating heart that illuminates mine to an endless desire to tell thee how much I love you.

Our lives outside the Sphere of Happiness is only darkness; and some people have a sphere big enough to fit themselves in such a volume that their distance in light-years is as big enough to afford the Sphere further accommodation. Alas, some like me are as few in our Spheres; for we have a sphere that orbits around the darkness in the darkness, and through the darkness binds itself therewith. I am one of that some, and my Sphere shifts and has no pearl to guide me to it. I am but a lost man that can only be guided to thy pearl, to enter it and kiss the light that shines before me. That light is thine, and you reveal my shadow brilliantly. My shadow is but a certain way of knowing what I lurk in the darkness as.

Moreover, I attempt escape from my shadow, hence I linger in the darkness; but I fear not! For I have found the Sphere that thou me invite thereunto; thank you, and more tokens of appreciation. How can I thank you enough for this happiness? My heart is but glass and breaks with the slightest touch. My darling Sun of the Universe; my wondrous pearl in the ruff; oh, divine aspiration of Happiness! How I shall continue to remain loyal as I am now. Ne think I shall escape ye; ne think I shall run emerald nor ruby, for I long for thee. None are here, for we are as one as just.

Oh, Lady of Happiness Everlasting, I kneel before thee and offer mine eyes and ears; thy Reason is my God; and never think that as a man I shall conjure what other men impede against thee. I enjoy thy happiness as great as mine anew. Shall bear thy sorrows as mine own; shall embrace thee as I reciprocate. May we dream a thousand and one nights of tales of love and adventure that we shall venture through together. Lady, my heart races for thee; that my heart is pricked by the rose thorns that breathe the fumes so well: as far from thee am I as far from myself that long for thee. A thousand kisses, my Lady, no tears of happiness can burst this Sphere. I am here, thy shadow is mine. I shall watch for thy protection ever-lasting.

Alas, if ye abandon me, I shall take it with grief and slowly depart from thy Pearl of Happiness that is covered by darkness. I shall go and seek the happiness I once had but what of it? My Sphere is glass and so hard to find and enter. I shall break the Sphere and breathe inside with vain attempt, only to look back in tears with what I lost. I would seek the glass to bury me in the darkness, that buries within the darkest soil underneath a watered Sun that breaches my mind with a flush of great sadness that I shall drown in my tears ere calling ye yonder to save me from such a fate.

May I write you another, that every night I shall write again how it is all the most special occasion to be by thy side. For if we shall tax thee for thy virtue, Madame, we shall tax ourselves first less and suspend thine as no charge could ever be levied on an immortalised figure as thine. Shun me not, my Lady of Happiness, I breathe an air of darkness as I enter this Sphere; permit my presence as I ask humbly with my knees shivering from the bitter cold outside thy realm. Let us dream a world together, we are the muses of creation. Ne did love never discover a more perfect couple.

Bless us, Cupid, thy dart on my glass Sphere and her Pearl; thy answer is thus:

To have loved, and never been loved,
Breathes an air wondrous, wondrous;
So fair is she who droops her head,
As of such modesty, her heart breathes;
We forbid thee, Man, from breaking her,
Ne throw her in distaste, ne covet,
How beautiful are her eyes, see!
Lady, see what a humble Man yonder says?
Love so potent, my darts are hardly so,
Love so potent, bless the man with flaws,
As we all have, and so be gentle, gentle;
As feathers tickle, so shall thee endure,
Happiness, and so happiness ye shall find,
Dream a maze that ye travel; cope, cope,
Stay together; ne but never shun the light,
Lest thy love permeates into the darkness,
May heaven welcome you with blessed roses,
Thornless, that ye shall enjoy more for all,
That tree whence ye ate now one of love,
Tastes the fig from whence it grew boldly,
Tastes the fig that breathes thy name well,
My Lady, Happiness is thy priceless state!

He has spoken well, and my Lady, I ask for opinion thine? I agree, it was true that we shall live together and enjoy what we endure brilliantly. We shall be a crystal Sphere of Happiness; never part, and God give us Reason for charge that we shall quit each other for the darkness! My Lady of Ever-Divine Happiness, I am asking for thy hand now. How I shall sing for thee with a voice once broken now released; how I shall live in thy name. Essence of beauty and amazing intelligence. Even Socrates would have ye his philosopher. Thy words wise, and as Cupid’s. Can only hope for mine to be heretofore all the same.

I breathe the new air as we both smile, and before us a Universe slowly advances to a bang that we witness. Here we shall care; never part, and so Reason forbid. Never shaken, my Lady of Happiness, we walk together through the fields that beckon us Love and remain so for all eternity under clear Moon and Sun. As our family shall evolve for children ever born, breathes a freedom that we embrace. Smiling as I do, I shall return all that ye desire; but do not attempt thy beauty more for I long for the real that ye possess and no more nor less as I fare.

As we carry ourselves to heaven, I feel my heart inflating with a supreme happiness that floats me atop the Ocean of Darkness. Our shared breathing and hearts, we shall feel the pleasure and pain together; but we pass ourselves onto Cupid who our love witnesses. We are witness to love; therefore we are happy. Let us sleep, my Lady, we shall endure the night together as it is only a dimmer of light that shines our path as our United Sphere of Happiness glides into new recesses that pronounce our love immortal and unbreakable.

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