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Let this free gain the free of the free,
That in all happiness joust remarked present;
By and by aligned no lesser fool ere pronounced,
Hear this and remarked approach: so this Liberty gained,
All preached, and so the laws preach; alas all speak of,
So in this Liberty that all exercise and proudly pronounce,
Cast this freedom upon my head and make me a slave to Liberty,
For that shall I be free from Her and seduced to submission;
So fair yet how so can be said: that the abuses of Freedom prolong:
Such Liberty; what abuse ere relative; that sounding of mine. Grief.
How wondrous; that those who would effect do walk among us. Pity.

That of my rehearsed, sung to Liberty and proudest adhered for Thee;
Ah this pleasure of thine, and so finer than the lack thereof;
That of my rehearsed, sung to Liberty and cast this in me from me aside;
Aloud that graze her long meadows with the tears of happiness. Aloud.
And hither that sprouts the root wherefrom this tree supports Her. Alas.
That I may from that flower spring do I climb through her petals;
So that I reach Liberty in her stable stood, that may kiss her the fruit of mine;
Therein, that in this effect I uphold am wary of this Liberty for am cold. Cold.
Fleeting hitherward, with I at her breast for I drink to her pleasure, her pleasure;
Alas what am I before the masses that too drink from Thee, Liberty? Pity, Liberty.
For too dry but am so pitied, yet so pitied that these crimes against ye commit. They commit:

That for mine own sake depart from hence, and my tears be the rain of utter fall and woe,
That for thy rape by that treachery of those who seek Thee and determined use ye,
That of my soul I offer myself alas so Freely, but how so; when this out of my accord no?
Resolve me for am only this lost in your innocent eyes; to give Freedom to everyone;
Mine own Liberty, earnest robbed; earnest lied and for the truth in lied forgo disdained;
Affect this token of faint love ripple through my eyes where tears blind my sight before ye;
Affect it with those words pronounced, that am Free to do my bidding so;

Heretofore respected, yet am not sure whether respect is what ye seek;
All this, to be Free and Freely respect ye, though of what ye conjure am no Free man before;
But while this life continues and into my Death yonder erewhile hastened fought;
Grieve this hourly fined, whom so reek of all my scents.

For Thee, I remain:
Thy Paramour.