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Write these words; for they shall be the last of mine before I die:
I envy you, yet I love you more; and now we together erelong not,
Though it is a shame we could have lived a happier life as one, truly;
I was wrong to have wronged you than I have wronged myself.

Do not cry, for I am undeserving of all sympathy afforded by ye,
And how pitiful we all are, that you loved the wrong man herein;
I plead for your forgiveness, but deliberate on such a decision,
So long as you live, so shall I; and so shall I live in you forever,
Let my own soul be the shielding of thy own heart, even if forgotten;
But would you forget me after so much pain endured in ye?
Though all pleasurable in the meantime, this love cannot forgo,
I only hope for the best of you in life after I am done and gone.
Tears that soak me only soak my heart, but cannot show you yet;
Kiss me and that I may ripple the entrances of my blood faint of heartbeat thine;
The last whereof be the melancholy I bear the destruction of mine
I wish I loved you better to show the hatred I bear in mine;
This pain grows in me, that of the incurable in me; and the incurable of Us:
That I had loved you as well as I though not to this nature as you pass;
Since loving you my own life was of the potential undefeated by you,
Only that by our love made this potential made Venus her envy in us,
That all our love struggles through conjures Her reckoning upon you,
Succeeded in destroying you; but attempt at destroying our love in vain,

So shall say goodbye my dearest love as the world darkens so faintly;
And so farewell I utter but stand hither to you;- cannot leave you ever;
Hoping is not to gloat; and shall give you the benefit of the doubt,
Alone us two herein, there’s the object of our love inspired with us,
I fear death, yet I fear redemption before you my half other;
Though too late, am leaving this world with heavy heart,
Where the silence clouds this guilt,
Where this guilt silences me,
And in me, my last love.

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