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For I leapt into your arms under this our shining light,
Gave proof through the night thy shining glare hence despair;
That slowly the tears upon mine grant the gaunt our love forbear,
While the life of us grow as leaves and whole; mine of smaller petals to and fro,
So I saw the entrances in you and beyond and realised fully the magnificence of thine,

Beyond this scope I exit hitherward and enjoy ours of happiness,
And hearsay that which ever contradicts the fruit of our own love eternal,
Shall where this brute of mine be kept in the cages of our love,
The beastly figure awaken later; though for now retreat for my tender incline,
So that the world ere exact its profound poetry and prose for ours describe;

Whereas ensues this through times come forth our better bed pronounced,
And lay this course through which our journey transcends the edifice of pain and pleasure;
Signed this in our hearts and with our hearts the destiny of ours from that it is;
Cast alight this burning desire for thee while mine entrapped within for thee;
So that when the days gone by I know that you are still by my side in me.