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It is a soothing night that enjoys our company,
Notice here our bonds are those of the night,
As we hibernate for a deepening slumber,
Upon this bed beckoning forth a fresh beginning,
Yet I see in thy face that uncertainty is aroused;
I am determined to know this cause; for I too am aroused,
You say that I am uncaring, yet I disagree:
I have brought you into my life,
It was during this night five years since we first met,
Yet this answer supposed to be smoothing is?
Can one love better than ye, or better loved than mine?
Whether it is the feigned sounds of groans emitted,
Then better feigned this love ye have;
For were so than far worse feigned this pain I bear;
Yet silent, but can my being deaf now also be?
Nay, I hear myself well; but can ye hear well?

I am of this supposed torment without torment!
You say you love me yet why do you mimic me?
How distasteful you can be once we are known;
It’s possible we are just strangers through worlds,
But this love makes my blood boil the boiler,
And this coldness you have makes my teeth chatter,
May chatter yet on thy tender skin that I may bite
The skin that smoothly engraves my soul, alack;
Avast this love. Although, one enjoys its company;
That my heart shall drop before the lake inward;
That ripples form the tsunamis of our love bled,
That the waves induced be my first wound;
Desiring not of all this; so shattered this lake in here,
So this reflection of mine come notice from my trance depart;
Hither slowly these shards that conjure this wound a hundred;
A cursed pain in me that drearily looked upon one these shards:
Found myself  in whole blood and none there to comfort me;
For I never comfort those around me, and for I alone;
Am thus alone; and am thus alone, am thus alone;
For this sounds so mute in me,
Am resolved of myself this charm with haste.