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A bartender appears out of nowhere in a bar and asks the lady for a drink;
The drink the lady asked for in the bar elsewhere was refused by the bartender:
How long ago? Not so long ago.
In this, the lady never enjoyed the company of her friends because of this matter;
Thus, history be history and wherefore the lady was without chance of success.

She asks the bartender this very question:
I am only here as I am proud to be, but are you?
And there all silence awakens, but never did the drunkard so felicitate such a reproach:
He in his almighty prowess invaded this very silence and impeached both man and lady,
At his disposal he proclaimed himself equals to both himself and them.

When asked why the man interrupted the silence,
It became clear as to why the lady was never afforded a drink:
None other than the fact the bartender could not afford a drink;
Here in this very bar only mere eye contact could be afforded.
Thus, the Bartender and the Lady both agreed to share a drink.

Now, the man pays for it: know this –
He resumes his usual position in the bar and falls asleep,
By the time he had awoken:
There was no one around.

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