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You say that in geometry the angles so equal be are always what they are;
But indeed logic dictates the equality of which renowned forsakes otherwise;
In its alignment thereof, there exists two compromises:

1. If the student believes one can create a rectangle solely through practicalities and which those practicalities and become circles therein lies solely at the hands of the rational mind they so possess. Indeed, that is what logic dictates.

2. When the student believes they can create nothing but rectangles but the circles can remain optional, both the scholars and the students alike now indeed realise what it took to draw a circle at first:

One rectangle meets another, and so a pentagon forms; therefrom a hexagon forms, then an octagon; a nonagon; and more polygons with vertices forth running begin to appear. How it appears is not relevant, but what matters here is that a consensus was reached:-

This is what logic ought to teach.
But many have never learned its reach.

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