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My dear love of everlasting joy, read:
For this you read the first and last whereof;
And answering your question many times
I enquire diligent as to the nature thereof,
Ya see, that asking whether I love you so,
Yet many times you’ve asked and smiled;
Yet expect none from me apart from this:
Am as loving as you want ought me to be;
So ask me to leave, and therefrom I depart;
So ask me to stay, and hither to you warmth spreads,
But longer you ask whether I love you, I cannot answer;
For it costs love to ask, and pain to answer,
Am no object to be toyed with; and shall never moved so:
Arouse me with your pleasure; or smite me with your pain,
But regretfully your touches feel the same no longer,
But regretfully your kisses only suck the love out of me,
Though it pains me me to write this to you, I wish never were;
I enjoy all the moments with you, and wish I never wrote;
So ask of me everyday whether I still love you and mine all the same,
And in return shall I give you that kiss of life whose fruit grows ever bound,
And ripened forward shall eat of that fruit and know of the taste together,
Through our lives only Death can separate us from each other my dear love,
Forget all I’ve written heretofore as I wish only to be with you and you only;
For you have chained my heart in a padlock which only you can ever unlock,
Where we fight any day, we are in bed together everyday,
And in the next day through passing time allowance made:
That the time spent in writing this letter, what time wasted;
That the time to have sent you this letter, regardless, spent,
That the time to have you read this, my heart pained,
And through time to bid me farewell, tears roll,
Accursed hands, do me more harm than pain!
For now exact this pain unto this letter,
Rip it apart and scrunch, for none to read,
So that when you approach me and ask:
Do you love me, my dearest angel?
Shall be thy dear and answer honestly,
For all of us face truth coldly,
As the days go by:
This never happened.

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