A cracked oak

A cracked oak lay in wretch at the brow,
That hill which sinks under the sun
Breathes an air that gushes forth fear,
To have looked upward and sees there
A storm, so few around but yet so mighty;
Here beckons that I walk and yet stooping,
Bowing my head and observes the rocks,
Panting but not shaking, to revisit again; Read More

Cards that Match

Thus sat alone is he whose cards he plays,
But know how well he plays, the chances bore;
And so tabled are his king and queen placed,
Shall move her closer hither; ace contrary,
Now soon to feel the way endured, amazed;
For missing the counts that time his days,
Here gestures for a card, that to place,
Name him knave, below the queen to serve,
Shall breathe again for the beauty sought,
To have the sequence in matching colours reprise
Soon allots himself to new cards that place, Read More

A dark walk

Darkness passes through me wild in the night,
Bows my head low as it takes me hostage,
And swallowing the air lest I in fright,
Do walk along the path that peaks bondage,
Where abrupt I hear a voice my name spoke,
There sung the waves in river dainty flow,
As breathes the chill that washes ere betook
The light as chalk to craft road I follow; Read More

Greener Walk

Of that land East nor West neither;
Echoes the North and charms the South,
Frees the waves from Nature’s clasp,
Once it stood and thus gave leave to be,
Gestures once the wind that pass,
Slow is charm forth round hither crawl, Read More

Noble Man – II

Great Lady ye Fate, introduces myself thy Muse,
Creator of the Arts and thy patron here, sings,
The way just and lingering fair but only come,
So deigned is he who walks and lone he be finds
Upon himself a brow of hope that languishes ne
Parted and ne fair but longer never he despair,
Avows a chalice for one sip his only illusion,
Swallows the world and breaches not he but long
Walks to imagine a sight so pleasant he bestow, Read More

Noble Man – I

Nor a subject of Fate, I am decided,
So great my ways the path I travel here,
Give leave my ways for Nature abide,
Hence known, thence fought, the road lay,
Gives upon me a way for once dared desire,
A trail happy that greets a wind so divine,
Breathes again and shines thus the way again,
A fleeting wind that hither calls me there,
Slowly goads my attention to the path ahead,
From that which frees alack torn but brought,
Whose better wild shall hesitate mine own ease,
A road travelled and slowly diminish the sight
Behind and shrinks the eyes to all it bears,
That once I am far from that which I travel, Read More

Adieu, Nature.

A warm sun had decided to set itself,
Once I found myself in its gaze
Eluded to a fine sight hither away,
The old world that once I spoke grew,
Thus in its mystery a tempting fight
Drew my senses to an unearthly collapse;
Whose brood in the light of Nature binds
The soils to an ever fold creasing made, Read More

Love’s wakening

Awaken; for the door that ye transpire doth open,
And into the door thou shalt find neither greene nor
The compense air that ye would find on Earth, no never;
For it had been tortured by flames that endure; and cruel,
Though cruel as it may had been tormented by airs of pleasure,
Though pleasure thou seekst and shall ye find, do enter, and do; Read More

Nature’s defendant

As I stood and all about me enclosed,
This lining through which entrusts;
The bitter cold at night thus stood:
My own sight wore weary with the cold.
Longing last so this light give me penance;
Despise so, for homeward bound I yonder go,
Whereas hindward hence this darkness encloses, Read More


He forgot where his own keys were;
Asked of me where they were,
Answered from mine: which?

Though so many keys in life,
Yet only fewer keys to home,
Lingering in this, beside me sat:

Friend, I had no keys because no
Lock was ever unlocked for me,
Yet am determined to unlock them. Read More