Home ยป Nature’s defendant

As I stood and all about me enclosed,
This lining through which entrusts;
The bitter cold at night thus stood:
My own sight wore weary with the cold.
Longing last so this light give me penance;
Despise so, for homeward bound I yonder go,
Whereas hindward hence this darkness encloses,
Erelong my refuge beckons before me;
For do I turn closer to the light whom I despise,
Gave me Reason to succumb mightier glow reward.
Alas so the trees respond yet dire need pronounced:
Am only a stranger, but follow home if you can,
For so strong a wind yet you withstand,
Addressing you, friend we are indeed strangers;
The light is near, the night is clear; and so
The conscience is clear; and if Reason were so
Then there would never be apparel worn:
This is why the trees are so; yet no complaint amongst;
Wherein I sit and rest for my day conclude,
All around me this I my apparel include;
At ease and home at last.
At peace and mercy to Nature.

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