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Awaken; for the door that ye transpire doth open,
And into the door thou shalt find neither greene nor
The compense air that ye would find on Earth, no never;
For it had been tortured by flames that endure; and cruel,
Though cruel as it may had been tormented by airs of pleasure,
Though pleasure thou seekst and shall ye find, do enter, and do;
For I command the spirit in ye to enter; for I make it so my dream,
Whilst I live and shall I live, it makes me a greater that what whip may,
Spoke’st as it may, can never issue a former pardon than my grants bereft,
Chosen as ye for this great gift; for no fate greater than so,
It dreams and it takes you towards the reddening darkness of such,
That burgundy black that grieves me in such the way I can feel,
For bringer of hope the sudden anger that shuns me towards light dispense;
Casts the gruel of tranquility unto her bed and seeks neither peace nor volatility;
Frankly spoken and in dreams ere fought, sighs a relief what may thus occur,
Dreams neither hope nor failure, but the man that seeks either is surely doomed;
Enters hell as he and through the layers thus the flesh layered be dispensed,
Through the flesh that haemorrhages through the dialogue that honours
Breathes in an aire so fine and depletes a blood so black and cold, nay whiskey;
For the ink that traverse and greater issue cold did bring ye here to domain mine,
That so happens to be thine, that ye shall be forever mine.