Home ยป Adieu, Nature.

A warm sun had decided to set itself,
Once I found myself in its gaze
Eluded to a fine sight hither away,
The old world that once I spoke grew,
Thus in its mystery a tempting fight
Drew my senses to an unearthly collapse;
Whose brood in the light of Nature binds
The soils to an ever fold creasing made,
From which shelter bonds I effect lay,
Soon grasps the leaves that hold me
And set upon it a final whisper known,
To have I – remember this land all adorned,
Fetter not but this path be made,
Gestures there that the sun bade adieu,
Walks amongst the wood and soon alights,
At the heart of Nature the rain and sun,
The moon and sun, grieves a final day lapse,
Whose breath of what bliss now in check,
Of what a heart to breathe if not the heat
That scorns the lips into a recess bound
For word to tear and eyes to tear.
Haven of mine this solemn rest that I bid well,
Given me a new life that once I fare off to bear,
Once more so shall I visit this place again,
Under this wood the close I shall truly fare,
To another place I shall depart, alas from thee;
Soon another, but ere attempt his happiness made,
Though never fainting but surely this bond made,
Soon vanishes into memory and all still to dare.