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Nor a subject of Fate, I am decided,
So great my ways the path I travel here,
Give leave my ways for Nature abide,
Hence known, thence fought, the road lay,
Gives upon me a way for once dared desire,
A trail happy that greets a wind so divine,
Breathes again and shines thus the way again,
A fleeting wind that hither calls me there,
Slowly goads my attention to the path ahead,
From that which frees alack torn but brought,
Whose better wild shall hesitate mine own ease,
A road travelled and slowly diminish the sight
Behind and shrinks the eyes to all it bears,
That once I am far from that which I travel,
Look how far this road here, and breathe more;
Once more, that I shall this air me resolve,
Cannot for sake the heart which here entangled,
By threads woven fine in silk and satin cross
The heart and needles that sap through veins,
Delight me this poison we endure as hers Fate,
To have us live and experience this and call,
The web of fear and way, soon we depart to light,
Again shone but blind and but deaf to ourselves,
Nor found the creases we shriek and linger there,
But cower at our own despair and soon fright,
Breathe again the fumes that bloody our lungs,
Heathens we shall still resort to Fate for answer,
Still congregate around Nature her Fair Sister,
Asserts herself unto I and exhales my path
Whereupon I see back a fog that me consumes,
Beyond the oak and suddenly peers through,
That curse my heart so blackened in blood congeal,
Frees the lanes thereto and sinks mine eyes down,
So crease my skin in tears and blood once I obey,
Dares again the way ye set upon myself and myself,
For this flesh that scorn for all reason declared,
Am so while the tender words I grow thus fetter,
Nor the way I am enlightened to speak never better,
At this close of dusk, where the night greets here,
Stood upon the shrine of thy pilgrim Fate and Nature,
Sounds a way to know and a mate to endure a lasting,
At last shall form better the mind thus its fog clears.

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