Carrying Her to Earth

I plead for all my life to carry,
As carried myself to heaven’s due,
But never carrying the burden here,
For that I shall surely be under way,
For that I am sure to be walked there,
Soon finds a grip to stand and walk.

Sooner my darling dearest, oh adorned;
How I shall treat if not my hand to treat,
Though better I shall deliver to heal,
As healed my heart whilst thy life fades,
For at the beacon of hope there still remains. Read More

Immortal Sun

Beloved Sun, our bringer y’Life;
With greatest regards I bring,
And what brutish letter I sung,
Astound by the name that sighs,
Aloud by greater choice we bring,
Here finds upon mine eyes y’blind,
Can never see thee for whom so,
Nor can by mirror nor water seen,
To picture thee in what artifices: Read More

To the north

At one point in life not far from here,
A draught had fought against me all in why,
For not mine if lest be heard but mine in sake,
Hither stood and earnest called the hours wait,
Fettering soon alack gestured north I ought to go,
Breathes the sight of the lining that parts us here,
To tell you where I shall go and from hence depart,
No sooner but none no more nor words never be spoken,
In this barren waste that exists in the fold of me, Read More

Her Happiest state

She moves, and free she goes;
But for one so fair ere be nigh,
Here linger and follows the path,
For bitter wind her eyes do tear,
Alas, if not the rain she soothe,
More to see the clouds high ye clash.

Yonder sees: yonder gets;
The prism that she crafts channels
A great light that beams ever more,
Nor greater than sun but better,
Soon to reveal her a sight in lieu,
There inviting, and here going. Read More

Clearing fog

‘Tis morning brewed and lasting sun,
That glows grey amongst fading clouds,
Whose soaring fire beat the aching drum,
That scorns his heart in dainty glow;
His words be told but knew not what said,
Casts an image lest so not be seen,
As great but earnest so fare he walks,
Though alone so fair and breathes again,
As he treads the path so lone and bare,
First he sees the life has he lived,
And once he clears the fog that stays,
So knew his life was just beginning.

In the Midst of Peace

I stand before the fog inviting,
And I walk into the fire of war;
Where mine heart shall beat another,
Thus my mind shall erase the other,
Venturing forth, my courage nigh;
Aligned by degree, never yielding,
So too was it great; and so remain,
By guise but ere in vain, thwarted thus;
Saps my blood from fear retained,
Shielding none myself from foe awry,
‘Tis mine of guilt that I approach: Read More

Apocalyptic Solitude


Oh, breeze that ye Nature gush me forth,
A winding darkness that shrouds around,
Soon that weeps He in his lonely state,
And he in the silence that bore him through,
Alas for not the reasons he has to justify,
Though not his darker nature that seeks,
If not the light, then yearns for darkness,
And slowly descends into the caverns here,
That madness stirring, only slightly shaken;
The barrels of the dungeons whence he lingers,
Of that peaceful state in which he lays in wait. Read More