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Oh, breeze that ye Nature gush me forth,
A winding darkness that shrouds around,
Soon that weeps He in his lonely state,
And he in the silence that bore him through,
Alas for not the reasons he has to justify,
Though not his darker nature that seeks,
If not the light, then yearns for darkness,
And slowly descends into the caverns here,
That madness stirring, only slightly shaken;
The barrels of the dungeons whence he lingers,
Of that peaceful state in which he lays in wait.


Upon the stars breathes an air of clear night,
Absorbs in his sight a gleaming star.
And enthroned high above is the greatest moon,
That in full phase commands obedience,
That in dark delight desires only the few,
Where they approach from the darkness in few,
And walking in their dark clothes at night,
Slowly walk towards him, slowly stare at him,
All alone; all moving but not seeing;
For to see is to see darkness ever more,
Here to establish their ways once more indeed.


Thus justify themselves in a cold rain thwart,
To have wet their cheeks with the sights seen,
Their world once it was known has slowly parted,
Mistakes of State and God to have become none,
Whispering in minds of those whom it sought belief,
And soon their applause slowly walks to silence,
To then establish the Silence that here embraces,
Thus establish Silence: the voice of Reason; breathe,
And soon vanishes into the darkness as all around,
All cities devoid and lost as all fades away but land;
For that rock and water now seep in all the dark’st.


Now there no civilisation where he shall dine with,
No dialogue wherewith shall he engage for thought,
Nor the once known noise as all becomes white;
This whilst his heart soon turns to black,
That he shall find none to dominate,
That he shall therefore be dominated from within,
The mind he now sets free now cascades into reality,
For ’tis true: and thus their reasons in wait:
To never realise his true nature shall deprive him,
Soon waits, and never shaking, and now a plan;
Becomes that which he is at the core, and beastly.


Once finally he understands soon becomes one,
Dares the darkness in great triumph known,
Breathes a new air as his truest instinct found,
Runs with all the morals he once knew now gone,
Fights through the new dark society amidst ruin,
All in ruin, but never he, shall continue,
Yet his darkness and utter silence shall breed,
Gone are the morals and ethics and covers,
Now comes his eternal solitude in the wolf alone,
For no people breathe, they are panting;
As great change bellows through the Earth in shadow.