Home ยป In the Midst of Peace
I stand before the fog inviting,
And I walk into the fire of war;
Where mine heart shall beat another,
Thus my mind shall erase the other,
Venturing forth, my courage nigh;
Aligned by degree, never yielding,
So too was it great; and so remain,
By guise but ere in vain, thwarted thus;
Saps my blood from fear retained,
Shielding none myself from foe awry,
'Tis mine of guilt that I approach:
How solemn must I endure mine enemy,
How faint I shall not thine beseech,
Now Man his foes be great'st his mind,
At that silent lone wake his own fired,
All reason that escapes and free to scorn,
Breathes the scent of hate and tears falling,
That strike me my arm shall I write for thee,
Alas shall none more ink be spared but blood,
Great for mine resolve to prove my love:
For man so tender of heart yet iron-cast,
Lo, forgiven for actions here but never late,
Never late in jest to smile and ne shaken never,
As sweet a way shall I endure for greater,
To make thee love and never ensure thy hate,
Breathes the scent of bonds Fraternal earnest,
Honour mine to heart thine shall here bestow more,
Nor fettering to betray; nor leaving to sorrow,
How smiles as ye to the great tale of Hope!
Thus drops thy gun and knife to adopt greater:
To do justice on word and trade be better sake,
For Man for religion is not for that his Man,
To embrace a sweet and bitter tone with heart-light,
Just fades the fog that summons more the sun and Earth,
Just more to walk the path hand-on-hand in bonds,
Never unyielding, no; but more to open for help,
And let never loneliness conquer the soul of Man.
Give way for the cold winter in beau warm delight,
Blessed to have you in me for greater night forsook,
Fares thee thy companion here no gun premised forward,
But grander the light that sinks upon mine the softer,
As blessed we for more poppies to flower the greater,
How beautiful is the light that emits a wondrous word!
How blessed is the life that ensures men in bonds free,
Nor war to perish us, nor our demons here but mind prevail,
Where walks we steady for life in the midst of peace.
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