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Beloved Sun, our bringer y’Life;
With greatest regards I bring,
And what brutish letter I sung,
Astound by the name that sighs,
Aloud by greater choice we bring,
Here finds upon mine eyes y’blind,
Can never see thee for whom so,
Nor can by mirror nor water seen,
To picture thee in what artifices:
By lens or brush shall we see ye,
Oh! That of the flames witness never,
By the walk as my dearest planet,
By great footing shall forever court,
And orbiting round there sooner,
How bright and with much to bear,
Thy great’st flames from Neptune star,
For Venus to envy but never alone,
Shall continue thy conquest here still,
Be still as may and shall we part,
My crop here and thus it fed, dear;
May for destruction at will thine here,
Though forgiven, but still in woe,
Immortal sun, adorned and forever bright.

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