A way shown

But I find myself uneasy,
So long was the path took,
That brought me to state
And blew the rocks ashore,
That crashed as mountain drew,
Too long had stepped in path,
For no longer a path shown,
No road to walk; no step to take,
And as I breathe the final air
Vanquishes myself into shadow, Read More

Morality dictates that we deprive others of theirs
whilst we adorn ourselves thus.

Digging downward

They mined through and went,
As though all darkness covered,
To have dug and living inside,
Their shovels too small to task,
Trouble in the way of old, so long;
At last it greets me another, another,
Once more I try my hand again, to live,
But I find his life so strange,
So strange I am distant to part,
Once I thought to bring together, Read More

Dancing with the Sun

A sun rises in the west,
Whilst I make my daily rest,
It shines above where I stand,
In motion there I notion,
Slowly a turn, smooth a round,
It’s a calm move, a twirl through,
I’m halfway down, steadfast high,
My gateway is yours, I’m here,
Calls me near, I walk away,
Flames from afar, I curdle, Read More

Compressed Universe

Sometime ago I wandered through a field listening to the wind breezing through plants that ranged from the smallest daisies to the largest trees. I thought myself dreaming again; it was a warm feeling. Hence I thought to walk slowly and appreciate all around me. There was utterly nothing but a bright green that shimmered a sparkling light from the lake at the base of the hills. I kept walking. I saw trees around me dancing to a rhythm. There found was the evening grew; once known was the orange that bloomed and a slight breath of content with all that Nature procured. At the brow of my emotions lay all the thoughts I had that slowly poured into the lake before me and deposited my very mind to the centre that erupts a tower whereupon I shall walk. There I shall walk; there I shall ascend. Read More

Fibonacci being

We’re walking from not far our place,
Suddenly and stopped to wall we find,
There to stare for seconds as few as us,
To part hands, we’ll depart for now;
I’ll go this way, and you the other,
We’ll draw a path that will lead us here,
We will look yonder to the path ahead,
Now I see the road that once unclear,
How soon it became clear to me to walk;
While my dearest friend, now she walks,
Slowly and begun to slowly stumble here,
Walks now, so casual; slowly, she’s there, Read More

Gales pushing him

Sooner, this gale marching,
Follows, now approaching,
Caught, soon departs with it,
Arrested, brutish and brought;
Walking, and then eyes torn,
Tears that flew past in way,
Slowly, a heart beating fast;
A gust of wind that changes him,
A longing that it takes home, Read More

Without my past there would be no present me;
Without me present there would be no future mine.

Final words

I find that she waits silently,
At that same broke, all too wry;
Soon she said and thus walks there,
So better to have her in rest,
More that I shall delay my words,
To tell the way, and so be heard,
Rushing through the sheets and tear,
Blushing red my poison this love sinks, Read More