Home ยป His road to walk

Weeping, going, so far alone,
Although, but noon, so lost from hearth;
Besought and fought, for heart contained,
Walked, ran but find; lest null be known,
Ere brought; erelong fair silence here,
Alighting from the station hence,
Imbuing self with light to clear,
Who wished and thought his gains be had.

Waiting, arrives his taxi there,
Watching and broke, but still a man,
There be losses past for gains here,
Slowly, gearing, it soon to stops
For there now better hope nor worse;
Fair gesture a pleasant air,
Nor unbecoming: lack thereof
To the keys and doors opened, rise.

That once he steps, so soon he steps;
But now nor despair; nor despair he shall,
Home: the sanctum for reason thine,
Soon watches from afar, a sight!
Oh, how familiar Nature’s reserve!
What noun to describe is beauty?
Why so lack in discord is great,
Where now the page thus turns anew.