Home ยป A valiant venture

Cloudy was the day ere it walked,
Fared it may and long soon it fade,
Summoned he to the ground astound,
Dared depart too long better stood,
Bare in eyes that fear does retreat,
Carried in way and soon to know,
Long perished was the sweet, sweet taste;
Now forgotten the winds ye change,
Breathes the words bitter more once more,
Travels to the edge forbidding,
Sees past the calm water flowing,
Storms his heart as ceases his mind,
A ship to soar as swift deny,
So lands on the shores once in land,
Soon again sees a wretch whilst wrecked,
Yet carves ship anew ere he sails,
This flag to brave a storm he brews,
Ne seen, ne fought, ne known til now,
Whilst minutes to pass and no sun
Braved the venture forth nor contr’y.