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How soothing is the evening this we may,
Now sings and stands there beheld a way
So fair is our life for never in disarray,
Alas, mine only guilt for pleasure at bay
Baptises mine happiness a means to say:
Knights me with all I wield to bed I lay:

And knowing, and realising, nor my rest,
So while I stand and walk shall at best
Continue. In this, I relish caution, lest
Overwhelmed, but impact greater in haste
That I shall look back never long I test:

Soon is greater and ‘lowing me to resign,
Fair is that I sigh words spoken benign,
Though justly, though justly better design
Are these for life in happy state align,
But I am in doubt for contempt in reign:

Too great mine heart weighs burden to show,
Far lingering is my mind in mass to throw,
Nor never, nor never shall never it be so,
As it absorbs a great wealth to and fro,
I shall walk again lest never weep to know:

Thus, my child, and soon in this be fought:
That for losses so while we live ere besought,
Yonder glows a light to beacon gains be sought,
How soothing is it that way we go is wrought,
That sings this again to tell thee what not
Is Life; but rather as how it be thine be ought.

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