Home ยป Gales pushing him

Sooner, this gale marching,
Follows, now approaching,
Caught, soon departs with it,
Arrested, brutish and brought;
Walking, and then eyes torn,
Tears that flew past in way,
Slowly, a heart beating fast;
A gust of wind that changes him,
A longing that it takes home,
To the east thought he knew,
Westward, soon to chance the way,
West, for the sea he shall depart,
North, too cold; too solitary,
South, shall warm heart,
Life, and soon fought to live,
Breathes the wind that blows,
Exhales the Earth and back,
His cheeks crystal ice now,
But runs; runs to the fields,
The wind soon fading, fading;
Nature sighs and he runs,
All in wait, another be held,
An entire field before him,
Suddenly, he is wide awake.