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Sometime ago I wandered through a field listening to the wind breezing through plants that ranged from the smallest daisies to the largest trees. I thought myself dreaming again; it was a warm feeling. Hence I thought to walk slowly and appreciate all around me. There was utterly nothing but a bright green that shimmered a sparkling light from the lake at the base of the hills. I kept walking. I saw trees around me dancing to a rhythm. There found was the evening grew; once known was the orange that bloomed and a slight breath of content with all that Nature procured. At the brow of my emotions lay all the thoughts I had that slowly poured into the lake before me and deposited my very mind to the centre that erupts a tower whereupon I shall walk. There I shall walk; there I shall ascend.

I’ll walk to live and live to plant the splendours that grew. I will compliment a thousand and once more for greater jewels before me than any mine could ever behold. Sooner that it shall before me be seen. Only just ascending the stairs that spiral upwards to the stars. We’re seeing there, not clear now; but they’re there: I promise.

How blessed is the sun whose rays blind me that vow for greater a day. Thus better, nor never extinguished as crowned above the sky that as love has shone to bestow life; upon a singing Muse wandering through the sky and bellows a cloud that gestures a guise that me cheats on mine eyes to hath breathed the scent of the sweet, pale air that dissolves me more. For what seems an hour in minutes last shall forsake my ground here and hither approach the border as reality sweeps across and parts towards the fall as token a drop of wine burns under the candle as cracks for the great step upon thy twigs I wander.

Just before the hills eclipsed the sun, I gave delay for one last glance at the sun ere it set to fare another night to bid another day the better. Here I was, still walking and breathing the smooth cold air that effects me my tears be made. I’m seeing it all happening, and slowly I still walk as the spirals once more go. Each step of the way; all nine of them before I reach a new milestone and there a lamp lights slowly from that dimming dark to a bright light that I follow to see myself from above to reflect below whence the lake became a dot.

Soon, just soon, I wear a gown of darkness bleached in stars that sufficed for my attire to the Universe. I’m walking. I still walk, and I continue to walk. I shall meet Her at the crossroads. I shall meet myself again. I will pass through, and sink into a happiness of the beauty that shone upon me with a silent reserve to take my hand into a dance that suddenly swept through the the Universe and traversed through me a great feeling of compassion and happiness to find how far high I’ve reached.

And now, my Reason the pilgrim and witness to my existence I shall create another Universe and jump into it to facilitate the life that breathes a wonder here and through. I will go down again, and never return. Whilst falling, all the stars beam themselves unto me and I see all that be soon better; all that was slowly fade. The planets to dots; the stars to white on black that in all unity coexist in beauty. The great cushion I collapse on is the green. My bed in nature, my resolve to adore thee.

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