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A sun rises in the west,
Whilst I make my daily rest,
It shines above where I stand,
In motion there I notion,
Slowly a turn, smooth a round,
It’s a calm move, a twirl through,
I’m halfway down, steadfast high,
My gateway is yours, I’m here,
Calls me near, I walk away,
Flames from afar, I curdle,
We’re bonding, my orb for heat,
Stood valiant whilst I orbit,
At the paths met we meet again,
Spare the rife thy fire emits,
For my life draws a blue sphere,
As I dance, the vacuum spells,
Still here, in thy envy wrought,
No planet to me replace,
Not even big Jupiter,
Even Venus craves for ya,
Still dancing and winning,
My proof being the life brought,
Give me reason to disown,
I shall give you one to fade.

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