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We’re walking from not far our place,
Suddenly and stopped to wall we find,
There to stare for seconds as few as us,
To part hands, we’ll depart for now;
I’ll go this way, and you the other,
We’ll draw a path that will lead us here,
We will look yonder to the path ahead,
Now I see the road that once unclear,
How soon it became clear to me to walk;
While my dearest friend, now she walks,
Slowly and begun to slowly stumble here,
Walks now, so casual; slowly, she’s there,
Her road isn’t straight, but neither mine,
How sinuous are the curves where we walk,
Bid now for one reason us endure better,
This curve me fluxes to a path I follow,
Need not mine eyes nor thine, only Reason;
We’ll walk a road together, we’ll pass.
Last we pass and find ourselves in awe,
At the crossroads of the Universe we wait,
At the end of time and beginning of life,
To see the numbers here and slowly compress,
Reduce to all that vision; reduce to all wonder,
Soon my age becomes the seconds to deduce
The time I had in observing thy beauty here,
I’m living again with you by my side, dear,
This number I think of is neither here nor there,
Neither negative nor positive; not prime, nor factor;
We’ll walk again and distant from the world,
We’re running towards the sun and back to the stars,
We’ll prove for life on Mars by clubbing there,
Soon we wake and find the very numbers we saw,
Soon displayed, soon the spirals flow again,
They’re alive; we’re leaving to show it.