I have the reed to write whatever I want;
I have the right to read whatever I want.

An hour

I have an hour,
Tis purely an hour,
I shall pass through,
But never yearning;
As the night barks,
And the moon invites,
Breathes air silky,
Just as I pass,
I see it in there
All the hours spent
In trying to be.

But life

How soothing is the evening this we may,
Now sings and stands there beheld a way
So fair is our life for never in disarray,
Alas, mine only guilt for pleasure at bay
Baptises mine happiness a means to say:
Knights me with all I wield to bed I lay:

And knowing, and realising, nor my rest,
So while I stand and walk shall at best
Continue. In this, I relish caution, lest
Overwhelmed, but impact greater in haste
That I shall look back never long I test: Read More

A valiant venture

Cloudy was the day ere it walked,
Fared it may and long soon it fade,
Summoned he to the ground astound,
Dared depart too long better stood,
Bare in eyes that fear does retreat,
Carried in way and soon to know,
Long perished was the sweet, sweet taste; Read More

His road to walk

Weeping, going, so far alone,
Although, but noon, so lost from hearth;
Besought and fought, for heart contained,
Walked, ran but find; lest null be known,
Ere brought; erelong fair silence here,
Alighting from the station hence,
Imbuing self with light to clear,
Who wished and thought his gains be had. Read More