The rabbit says

A number echoes through the window,
Then suddenly it lapses to degree,
But zero the number is not so,
As it dances, suddenly it leaps;
Then we rise from null to full,
There our zero becomes an eight,
Once it stirs we find ourselves,
Taps gently onto the edges known, Read More

Making of a man

Long, thwart, beseeched,
Dares the light bring
Forth, mind, create,
And the dark spells
Born, free, hastened,
Walk slow this Earth,
Fought, thought, hardened
Is known mistook, Read More

All the fate

And slowly she breathes a wind,
A wind that sends her away,
The wind that breaches fate,
The fate that slowly breathes.

Thus she walks through the wind,
She’s leaving her town behind,
She’s breathing again, so slow;
She’s lingering on a thought again.

Once again she is halfway to the stars,
Once did she say she’ll never go,
Now she’s dancing with the stars,
Now she’s one with the night. Read More

From people

Whereat he stirs never but not shaken,
So parts ere the ways long the path taken,
Along the lone way and mildly distressed,
Hung by feeling lost wild where he’s tested,
In view of glimpse of future here beheld,
For affront to happiness is none felt;
But softly speaks the tone of hope just yet,
Looks back at the road so foggy and wet, Read More

With the others

They sung on trees and told
The story passing in bold,
Here chirps one anew for more,
Another flies to listen nor
Sparing; serene to slowly move,
Better yet, in her words soothe
The song of a bird who never sung
Nor intends to sing erelong,
None to listen and soon stops,
Tho it is soon his voice drops, Read More

Wandering tale

Erewhile, all fade to grey,
Meanwhile, I fade away,
At once the silence bade,
Sat upon once to wade,
Follows a journey long,
I will do mine a bong,
Sounds the bell silent tolled,
My heart in angst once pulled, Read More

Scope of Illusion

We will bury downwards to the core,
As though all reality once thought in awe,
In much brilliance had we once to please,
As such this world the joy we increase,
How long more to continue our oath and pledge?
Now comes the honest tale we utter to fetch,
That now we the disappointed soon leave,
Casts ourselves a shadow thought to heave,
To slowly we descend into the Earth, Read More

His still and absolute Emotion

He lay checking out his phone,
The piano that slowly plays away,
Soon the night that draws near,
At last closes his eyes to see,
The memories he had once in fear,
His heart soon found comfort at bay,
Now knew the way to bond never lone.

He gazed at the way time had spelt,
The pictures that colour themselves,
Where those pixels subtly glitter,
For minutes to spell the hours lost,
In him, his heart to a happiness litter
Once slowly to the grey it delves,
His again the silence of life he dealt. Read More

Hill spotting

I paint myself a picture leaping,
Sooner the brush strokes rushed,
They were crusted from disuse,
All was tired lest never they muse,
Suddenly I saw myself leaping,
The painting was walking with me,
I tipped the paint over to see,
I drew myself a world to see,
The skies: I painted them yellow,
The grass is blue, I’m red,
I’m also a person. I like that. Read More

Her resolve

She walks the path she owns,
The tar she pours alone,
The way she goes at speed,
Her pace not one to reach,
A race won; the life gained,
There she smiles, there she works,
Soon to kiss thus to be,
Gives the life, gives it all
Not a girl, not a toy; Read More