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And slowly she breathes a wind,
A wind that sends her away,
The wind that breaches fate,
The fate that slowly breathes.

Thus she walks through the wind,
She’s leaving her town behind,
She’s breathing again, so slow;
She’s lingering on a thought again.

Once again she is halfway to the stars,
Once did she say she’ll never go,
Now she’s dancing with the stars,
Now she’s one with the night.

Then and there she walks to the night,
Sooner or later there’s a gown of light,
Sooner or later there’s a song to sing,
She’s sitting down by the moon singing.

Now her tears reflect the light,
Down onto Earth for all to see,
Blind is he who can see her not,
She’s sighing all her cares away.

Somehow she floats beyond the moon,
Somewhere she’s freeing herself,
Once she was trapped, now free,
There is a song she sings to breathe.

She’s descending down to Earth,
She’s embracing the Earth her own,
She’s embracing the people as one,
There’s a tale she bestows to you.

Soon she bids her fate to tale,
Fate is sending her away,
Fate is moving her to a place,
She’s waving goodbye too long.

Then she’s slowly walking there,
That familiar place she stood,
The seas that call her name,
She’s staring to swim again.

She’s seeing a sun that shines,
Suddenly she’s away from the sun,
Holding onto her breath she lives,
The Earth is pulling her down.

She sees another life coming,
She’s freeing herself again,
She’s reliving her way through,
She’s relieving herself of it.

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