Ghost in the Mirror

I looked in the mirror and saw myself fading away. A darkening sphere clouded me and I left the bay. The sudden moon that lighted upon me slowly stopped. The light that once lifted me into the Earth was slowly moving. I breathed a vacuum to exhale the nether; I sung the words that silently moved me to a stationary point between heaven and hearth. My path to a sight that I could never reveal had shunned me into a mind filled with abyss and quiet. We moved along a sphere and still find ourselves back where I started in the same soil and Earth that surrounds me these trees that scrutinise. As I step into the long way ahead to a sight unclear as to what matter lay before me, I stopped. Somehow I found myself wandering through the dark looking utterly at the window where the forest planted itself another. Read More

Having swum afar

Reader, I saw an ocean.
That suddenly I should glisten to leap,
Where slowly I swim slowly and weep,
The passing of my fair state asunder,
A longing way to better night under
Which the waves languish my motion dear,
As that for swimming in love for fear;
Gave deep into the gaze once besought,
A hollow water for hollow man fraught
With token in his heart esteem to follow, Read More

Just a walk

Forthwith in marches he came,
Astound by long he swept,
For not his light did he leap,
By walking once to fame;

Indeed ’twas not the sound he made,
At last did not wait to call,
Somehow grieved not his losses bade,
As now slowly walks to fall;

For he his life turn to right
Listens closely and unwinds,
But this in his lesson does write
Painful memories to mind; Read More

In Silence with the Universe

Within a dark scope of drawing abyss,
Where grounds to an infinite loop
Of hope and thought to greater song,
To feel the empty box that casts away,
Suddenly moves in utmost subtlety,
Slowly breathes a vacuum to shrink,
Where wakes a lonely star passing by,
Flowing through time, simply passing;
It’s falling into a distant darkness,
Somehow found itself in the palms away,
Whispered the last speck of its light, Read More

Of war and peace

When good James sat for a drink,
All he ever wanted was a drink,
So quiet and smooth was the hour,
There stood nothing but silence that hour,
It brought him still thoughts in way,
At no instant did nothing rouse in harm’s way,
But an hour is an hour, and do time’s change!
That another man by name Ronald come to change
The slow and quietness that tranquil stood,
In loud laughter and cheer the crowd stood,
The peace and quiet once it were had gone,
So long was it that James noticed not had gone, Read More

A ride awaits

Whilst she rides up she stops short,
Long now was the time to port,
To take her there but gone not,
Sees a land far and warm, but
In angst to leave her past here,
It was here she seeped her tear,
Thus bade her life to fate slow,
Sat on the bench in thoughts low,
Down to the ocean her mind drew, Read More

Road of Ice, Fire or Fog

So tells the tale where they depart,
A road they travel ne the clouds part,
Nor knowing where they go but where,
For past had had not made them there,
But at the glooming end disprove,
Indeed sought better life improve,
Embarks on a journey ne help,
Walks slow, stead forward but ne whelp;
In they thus believe a road ne walked,
That once performed with friends then talked,
At that place very, so silent at once,
Oh God, have I past these pronounce, Read More

But the waves

Relished upon the shores he saw,
Found upon himself dare to soar,
Listens yonder the language heard,
A distant call beckoning a bird,
The sound it soothes the ears,
This sound the rock ye fears,
However it bonds so little,
Slowly just the ship moves,
The waves move it. Only.
The wreck that transport afar, Read More