Home ยป But the waves

Relished upon the shores he saw,
Found upon himself dare to soar,
Listens yonder the language heard,
A distant call beckoning a bird,
The sound it soothes the ears,
This sound the rock ye fears,
However it bonds so little,
Slowly just the ship moves,
The waves move it. Only.
The wreck that transport afar,
The breach that sounds a car,
In numbers they arrive around,
For hope in distant reach alight,
But vain attempt as they blight,
Alas but just for Freedom fight,
Endeared but vanish forsake brought,
Thrown heave and thorn to fall,
Breathes yet and soon to dawn,
Swam to the shores this Land,
His only god not his mate,
Resigns him to lonely fate,
As he walks to the land alone,
Looks back and all in ruin,
His country and family there.
Now Europe, and soon walks,
In Europe, so free and bare,
Shall the waves take them hence,
From thence to there another,
To another, whilst he walks on.

Remembering those who risked their lives to reach Europe.