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When good James sat for a drink,
All he ever wanted was a drink,
So quiet and smooth was the hour,
There stood nothing but silence that hour,
It brought him still thoughts in way,
At no instant did nothing rouse in harm’s way,
But an hour is an hour, and do time’s change!
That another man by name Ronald come to change
The slow and quietness that tranquil stood,
In loud laughter and cheer the crowd stood,
The peace and quiet once it were had gone,
So long was it that James noticed not had gone,
Beseeches him for that life’s past hour hence,
Though hesitant and soon Ronald gave not hence,
For his answer being that his cheer was peace,
That his bonding through cheer gave him peace,
Thus James scuffled and declared it a nuisance,
For he believed lack of peace of mind was nuisance,
So great is the argument that soon broke both,
In their ways of finding peace they lost both,
That before knowing a war broke out by them,
The war of peace to justify which peace by them
Proved the better, and whose was better sustained,
Though here before us only injuries were sustained,
Where both spirit and heart, body and mind hurt,
Given not the chance to compromise to not hurt,
Though all men want peace in different ways,
That we debate through petty and different ways
To establish the true reason for our existence,
In fear that our own ways lost in existence
Bring us to fire our own destruction sought,
But all but forget how our surroundings beget
In pursuit of that same peace is not to beget,
Where peace is only a concept that all men want,
But in the end war is a practice of the same in want.

Peace is a concept; war is a practice.

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