Home ยป In Silence with the Universe

Within a dark scope of drawing abyss,
Where grounds to an infinite loop
Of hope and thought to greater song,
To feel the empty box that casts away,
Suddenly moves in utmost subtlety,
Slowly breathes a vacuum to shrink,
Where wakes a lonely star passing by,
Flowing through time, simply passing;
It’s falling into a distant darkness,
Somehow found itself in the palms away,
Whispered the last speck of its light,
Collapsed onto the chair we call hither,
So dark as it draws goosebumps in shade,
Feels the light as it turns all to grey,
Noise that never was became silent,
Walks through the particles that fell,
That rise again, then drift away,
Then echo a memory some time ago,
Bows their head and curls up to floor,
Closes thine eyes that brings me here,
Bestows their gifts in forms ye fancy,
As I slowly walk away and never aback.

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