Home ยป Having swum afar

Reader, I saw an ocean.
That suddenly I should glisten to leap,
Where slowly I swim slowly and weep,
The passing of my fair state asunder,
A longing way to better night under
Which the waves languish my motion dear,
As that for swimming in love for fear;
Gave deep into the gaze once besought,
A hollow water for hollow man fraught
With token in his heart esteem to follow,
But daring to swim in the pool below
Whence I dive below to there enjoy,
Abruptly descends down I the ocean annoy,
So hearth of mine it in lower seat
Mine eyes that open in the ocean’s feet,
Then I shall look above for the diamond
Nor not never as small as can be bond
But bigger as I ascend upward above,
Saw the land once forgotten in love,
Breaths for the first time in life,
As petty a swim done far in strife.