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I looked in the mirror and saw myself fading away. A darkening sphere clouded me and I left the bay. The sudden moon that lighted upon me slowly stopped. The light that once lifted me into the Earth was slowly moving. I breathed a vacuum to exhale the nether; I sung the words that silently moved me to a stationary point between heaven and hearth. My path to a sight that I could never reveal had shunned me into a mind filled with abyss and quiet. We moved along a sphere and still find ourselves back where I started in the same soil and Earth that surrounds me these trees that scrutinise. As I step into the long way ahead to a sight unclear as to what matter lay before me, I stopped. Somehow I found myself wandering through the dark looking utterly at the window where the forest planted itself another.

But I belong not in nature but in darkness. I cast myself to the darkest of the dark where not even my my hands can be afforded by mine eyes; soon they will no longer have need to be used. What use if not I should walk through the doors motionless and with but no emotion none have slowly found myself at the corridor the same wherewith my life had started.

Once I linger and look behind the path I lost then suddenly walking to never a flow content, found myself gazing at the same mirror my gown had been. I found myself alone there and here. The mahogany walls soon turn to black as I fade into my pupils as mine eyes looked into the mirror of a distant world to invite me. But shattered is my world when I found the man left for another. But shattered is my image as the shards displace me from one side to another. Vexed to an uneasy gain, with fright that shocked mine heart into a slow rest as broken it already was had filled the glass with the gin and tonic of despair that gushed through me into sleep.

At once I woke up in another world and knew where I was, though thought through the agony lest it never was. But walked a few miles and found myself in the corridor again. So soon it took me not the light but night in knowing the steps I took in circles in vain at bay. Once found myself in the shroud of darkness did see myself again in the broken mirror I slowly repieced.

So soon I step through the mirror of darkness that peels my skin into a scale of bleeding hope that tears my eyes asunder through a gesturing shriek of beholding my life in the same marbole that held me hence. Once fought I obeyed the darkness and lifted myself to silence and remedy; to sing this song that he loved that I always hummed him to sleep as I carry my night and heart away into the smothering world forbidden of light.

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