Flight of the Raven

With what choice am I in vain not to choose,
For that road in wait here guides me follow,
At last find myself from Universe far,
Though closer to Earth in way orbiting
I will go the way and never aback be said,
To walk through the wind and shatter now,
Then this empty world invites another,
Somehow it whispers a name in shadow,
I’ll walk through the black and back,
Nor daring, am a mute bird in shadow,
There’s a beak I’m missing to become,
No wings as I’m feathered in the dark,
Read mine eyes that casts an arrow,
Soak my heart in black ink all night,
But I won’t write to fly away this night,
Ere my wings in molten wax be covered,
Nearby I’m silently landing towards you. Read More

Will walk again

Suddenly there was an urge to crawl,
Beneath the clouds and distant hills,
Breathes a mist that pales a skin,
Then the legs roam through a floor,
And then an arm reaches into air,
Pulls with weight of a trillion,
A soul chained agonised by iron cold,
If not by sweat can never be free,
Continues digging through the earth,
Reality goes without a trace of it,
Shall sink towards the end to pause, Read More


One step at a time they arrive,
At once part their heathen ways,
Alights the shadow as once it were,
If light were vacant and me derive,
A fairness that blooms hither in day,
As such where night falls I blur,
By stones that roll they never sleep,
As sounds their crashes I fall too deep, Read More

Final word

The wind is shut whilst long I give,
And so the voices go astray,
This much I try the more to live,
As much I lay in dark foray,
May ash bear wreaths with utter stay,
Where I go from hither to close,
Bleed a silent weep better lay,
Casts mine eyes deep to he that froze,
At once he stayed to fend his word,
But once I stood in the midst,
Then finally proved his false world.

Silent night

But in honours the star they reach,
Sure made their children to teach,
Once it sparkles so did their eyes,
Then to a father they rise,
His minutes the hours the minutes his,
There stands outside and walking this
Man who knew not where to sight,
Beheld cranberries soaked in light,
For his half and children poured,
Stops short his breath; tears soared,
Passes the mulled wine their holy ester,
Is not what he’d dream have in Leicester, Read More


But Maker not so humble,
With which shall fall to crumble,
And be ought to start with flesh,
His sand that forms the mesh,

Casts him away distant and free,
Breathes life anew ere long he flee,
Hears his name for first ere forget,
Lasts while but changed lest in regret,

Whence learns to walk, learns to talk,
Hence yearns to bond, bears to sulk,
This life a spiked drink to drink
Where but ne walks towards brink, Read More

Herself to bear

But woman, tis not so easy and free,
The choice to make is not thine to make,
Nor of mine but recourse to Nature;
And we ought to start with us:

That in life as is bound left and right,
Nor is tranquil towards day nor night
As the gales uproot the trees in force,
Though still these trees just grew,
Though still the Earth motions anew;
Alas, where is the reason in all this?
None, for it was simply as such made,
Gone, was it not I who this did bade, Read More

To morn and night

At morn in wait he yonder stood,
Since then twas sun in morning drew.

Long must in walk he better knew,
For not the night to day succumb.

By day that cold less it drew,
Still at berth it roused him more.

Nor not his work that sees the dust,
But better thought if not be made. Read More

Mad reason

Sanity whose feigns that groans;
But linger fares their way behest,
Chastise their minds about, a lot;
Green their ways ere skin be made,
A stupor greater than silence bore,
Long thwart the hours their prison here,
Shriek the name once they heard there amiss,
Clear the sighs their songs had said,
Shook the leaves off but lay;
Found upon it their bed once their head dare, Read More

At the close

Abrupt is he that walks too slow,
Aligned by fear but hither so come,
Kneels beside a bed once it broke,
Feet that tramples through the cold,
Touch upon the black of darkness,
Sees the crest that shines so bright,
The light that once it were it fade,
Long that spewed its rays down at dawn,
Blasts the heathen of light away,
This so much he walks away,
This so much he looks away.