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Since the day finally closed at last,
Was only the hour that will go for days,
Of an endless darkening sky eclipsing,
We’re shades of the light, away from all;
The darkness our only body for living,
As sole right of mine there remains we,
Somewhere we fell the lines of search,
At some point it ripples our walks fine,
That bows before the curtain of night,
Our hearts that slowly succumb slow,
As dark that we laugh our hate away,
As comedy whence so more we pass,
That newborns mock our existence in cry,
If to cast themselves unto the other,
As we cast ourselves into the black,
Falls again only to rise and fall yet,
Drives nearest steadfast to the end,
Farthest away and soon blank of woe,
We dream of escape but find no path,
Must it be so hard when roads here
Bite the wheels that utter danger,
We walk and soon we reach the end,
Lay in bed ere those crying our last,
Meanwhile, the entire people laugh,
As it stands to laugh at stones,
Contemns the blood still it boils,
How first it was and easy to fall,
In fire our god our outlaw silent,
Whilst in darkness we still are.

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