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Sanity whose feigns that groans;
But linger fares their way behest,
Chastise their minds about, a lot;
Green their ways ere skin be made,
A stupor greater than silence bore,
Long thwart the hours their prison here,
Shriek the name once they heard there amiss,
Clear the sighs their songs had said,
Shook the leaves off but lay;
Found upon it their bed once their head dare,
Surely so and mad;
Thus bare;- never sue for guilt if not for mine,
For whom so shall I be name,
Lest by countenance be defined so,
Oh, glory; my reason is made,
So now my asylum in space my head is made,
If free and caste but long thwart more,
More so nor bore for all pleasantry,
Gone I am; gone I am now forever,
My life not for relevance as I’m mad,
But mad as I am can not quantify,
For they to decide, but am only to follow;
Once I do, I shall lead on with a song,
A cheer here; a laugh there; a smile away;
In dark, I shall tumble dry the tears,
I will roll to cry then call it a laugh,
I will laugh but slowly descend to name,
Then I will be confined to the last;
And then I can reveal another man,
Nor better, nor worse; just another,
Another man that echoes in the wind,
Slowly I’m waving my arms and thinking;
Then I know when I’m mad ’tis true,
Been long, and has been long since,
The way is now closing before me.

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