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Suddenly there was an urge to crawl,
Beneath the clouds and distant hills,
Breathes a mist that pales a skin,
Then the legs roam through a floor,
And then an arm reaches into air,
Pulls with weight of a trillion,
A soul chained agonised by iron cold,
If not by sweat can never be free,
Continues digging through the earth,
Reality goes without a trace of it,
Shall sink towards the end to pause,
A moment held in breath nor to sigh,
Starved; is starved the fate resigned,
But only but mind is where knows mass,
By heartbeat an echo falls by rain,
Blurred light ere shunned by the fallen,
Never knowing these chains mind craft
Silently follow a point in time stopped,
Risen are the once fallen nor stooping,
That no soil can never dirt nor stain;
For no flesh embroiled in pain lasting,
Stood to view the hills from below,
Gasps another as once it is a birth,
But long this short time few it passes,
Thence to march from history to now,
Crafts their self another to believe,
Nor pin, nor foil their pain to ease,
No pain by rope nor knife they erase,
Never silence that bodes them there,
Looks yonder the hills how high,
Somehow in some way or another climbs,
Now is the soul whose weight is mind,
Nor is the flesh that carries more,
A wind that pushes through tears,
Eyes that water in them is creased,
A sight that bumps with every walk,
The legs that crush a past in dark,
Is not the past that dictates them,
Then resumes a course in life to test,
Never knowing none an easy past in rest,
Still will walk again through the cold,
Ere lived is not what is lived after,
Is but a life as idempotent as is,
By rushing tears are eyes that sweat,
A blood that flows by strong heart,
Where finally a point to seek anew,
Sees all round this life absolute,
Then looks below how far travelled,
Always proved thus knew to walk again.

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