Craft me a sea

Then sat down the moon yonder,
I’m looking away whilst he writes,
He’s looking at me whilst I sing,
I’m winning the hearts again;
My love is asking for my hand,
He’s asking for the way to write,
He’s loving a way through my ears,
I’m seeking a hand to guide me,
I’m looking away for the way here,
Take me from the moon to the stars,
The stars call me hither, hither;
Inhaling the stars there’s a sign,
There’s a pattern that reads:
Beauty is only the beginning in life; Read More

There’s this girl

Who watered my heart with hers,
She’s living again as much endears,
Along the coast there’s a girl;
Once she’s parallel with the sun,
Then I’m hers with one word to say.
Give me reason to say no to her,
I shall give myself reason to go,
Another word; all the words I give,
I’m reaching for her hand again,
So long she may take me away,
We’ll rewrite the story of love,
A translation only cupid to read,
Silence my right hand from hurt,
Now I’m washing with the waves,
She’s there stood amidst the light,
A setting sun that hovered ahead,
Then at one point, time stood still.

Beneath the charity

And so in light did long to give,
But did not for what else to give,
Slowly sees himself in wonder,
Did not ever thought to wander,
His item the famed worthy great,
Looks left and right is not a fate,
Breathes again a shallow sigh,
Parts from him is that so nigh,
The less of the others a thought,
Is he afforded for that he bought,
Tears that stained the clothes so damp,
Knows it is he himself to revamp. Read More

By blood and poison

And then I’ll return from when I hence,
Leave me behind I’m only shadow past,
Slower I breathe your name how shallow,
A single kiss to break my loving fast,
A darker emblem that binds me apart,
Hide me under the Earth nor to speak,
Weeping is me in feet of neither feats,
Gather the thorns their poison’s peak;
Wrap thy neck round the cold wreathes,
Return me from me into you and see, Read More

Chained to stone 

It was long before like none,
Since then she’s moved away,
Since then I threw the chain,
The chain clasped within my heart.

How slow I turn to show the tale,
The tale that moves me closer,
The tale that seals the chain,
The chain whereat am locked. Read More

Moving on 

Once was that where I stayed,
A thought for one never a few,
I’m running to where it laid,
Some time ago the place I knew
Somehow brought itself to end,
And the birds were flying through,
And I my past sought to pretend
To the shores of hope I threw,
For the gates of life never drew,
The sigh of a struggle long gone, Read More

Soothing being 

Perfect and I am not wrong,
She looks like the water,
How now the rain is shunned,
Waiting by silent by the car,
I’m driving her to the new,
Her cares will be mine more,
There’s no time to repeat, Read More

Other world 

In another planet, so I’m lost,
No light to give me life anew,
I curse the sun every morn drew,
Now turn me to ash more I walk,
Turning me to ash a greater burn,
A weight on my shoulder not light,
I’ll run again when the light’s out,
Give me the fire to light my heart,
There’s only blood to put it out,
My heart is another sun in dark,
Shall give life to one another, Read More

Miles from a Distant Echo

Then sought the path right or left,
Is long weeping a way before bereft,
His feet treading this pathless road,
A distant way is not darkness be showed,
Nor time is but long has been fought,
Nor silence is he that hours is wrought,
Pulls the mud with him this stricken way,
Pulls the light from vacuum where it lay,
Vapes another lest more is anger fed,
Bows before a rain what place he’s led,
And but phone is to guide him to place,
Is but done the choice he has to face, Read More

A little trial

They arrested them high.
Then chained them low.
Thence called them a free people.

‘Las they bring them to the front,
Last their will was kept,
Lest it was long be gone.

But long is it their words sanctioned,
Ought not for one to breathe,
Not the words they be found.

Deemed a worthy taste to try,
Seemed little to vain in attempt ere
Heed the advice that once was. Read More