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In another planet, so I’m lost,
No light to give me life anew,
I curse the sun every morn drew,
Now turn me to ash more I walk,
Turning me to ash a greater burn,
A weight on my shoulder not light,
I’ll run again when the light’s out,
Give me the fire to light my heart,
There’s only blood to put it out,
My heart is another sun in dark,
Shall give life to one another,
Keep my eye on the road going,
I’ll store my heart in a lamp,
I’ll go the road ere never back,
There’s only the night my guest,
Pour me a glass of salt to taste,
I’ll walk again ere I’m lost,
Will find the road to the light,
Almost there for no limb burnt,
Who are these people? I’m here,
Burn mine eyes, why I not see,
I’ll run again when the sun rises,
Burn the eyes the same I call,
Sow my lips that casts to quiet,
There’ll be a time for another,
Dumped into this and ne return,
Brought to the cliff I shall see,
There’s a sea that calls me,
I’ll walk again to the end,
Thinks to the world once I knew,
A life I know is never beau.

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