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It was long before like none,
Since then she’s moved away,
Since then I threw the chain,
The chain clasped within my heart.

How slow I turn to show the tale,
The tale that moves me closer,
The tale that seals the chain,
The chain whereat am locked.

I am neither saint nor holy,
Neither rain nor wind to push,
Neither sun nor moon to spare,
Spares me the fate hither bound.

Yonder long more where long fought,
Let me cast the iron mine to break,
Let me mould ingots from molten heart,
Shall then my heart be thine to mould.

So time shall this silent magic perform,
So time shall heal my heat to snow,
So time shall bring me to stone,
Where now I stand silent as you.

In the darkness shall I be kept,
Where the bitter cold bites me so,
Where neither love nor hate can erase me,
In the darkness shall I be kept.

Hence thy protector is here to stay,
Then proves the heart of steel in woe,
Then proves a man of iron to foe,
Silently stands as you close thine eyes.