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Once was that where I stayed,
A thought for one never a few,
I’m running to where it laid,
Some time ago the place I knew
Somehow brought itself to end,
And the birds were flying through,
And I my past sought to pretend
To the shores of hope I threw,
For the gates of life never drew,
The sigh of a struggle long gone,
A present I know life I never threw,
I’ll imagine a future though it’s done,
To grasp the sign of a distant sign,
Soon it shall with wind depart,
Yonder that lonely bird will dart.
I saw the road that leads behind,
Then will walk away to another,
Then I know just what to find,
I’ll whisper my name hollowed soul,
We’ll scream in our heads what was,
We’ll look into the forest nor bother
With the life that never happened,
That now this sun never falls;
We’re moving on, on, on and on.