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And then I’ll return from when I hence,
Leave me behind I’m only shadow past,
Slower I breathe your name how shallow,
A single kiss to break my loving fast,
A darker emblem that binds me apart,
Hide me under the Earth nor to speak,
Weeping is me in feet of neither feats,
Gather the thorns their poison’s peak;
Wrap thy neck round the cold wreathes,
Return me from me into you and see,
Silence ere entering a closed door,
I will drink from morphine to pepsi,
We’ll collect the hollow, low borne
Sap that washes me away from here,
Sunk me beneath the blood ye sorn,
It’s only wait but never more ye fear,
Close thine eyes to see another,
Bode well with hours we see the other,
Can never walk nor oceans to hover,
Cast thy hand away from myself dear,
Is singing the words torn him asunder;
Yet again ourselves enthorn to bear,
A lasting minute to become another.

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