An hour for a day

Still as the night brewing,
Is more the night so still,
Shall stop my clock another,
My heart is singing for night,
More night for an hour;
More the night an hour eternal,
Bring the nightingale from rest
Where brings me soothing tales,
Long listened and hence soothed,
An hour, just an hour for a day,
Is all that asks time for once,
Just the day to form mine hour,

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Out of

Out of man came many;
Out of many came one;
Out of one came all;
Out of all came world;
Out of world came Earth;
Out of Earth came stars;
Out of stars came Sun;
Out of Sun came Void;
Out of Void came space;
Out of space came Universe;
Out of Universe came thought;
Out of thought came change;
Out of change came humanity;
Out of humanity thus came man.


Then he’s suddenly going along,
But we’re halfway to nowhere,
There’s only a long walk to go,
Then I’m making the way somewhere,
It’s just a while, oh how long.

But then I’m finding myself gone,
There’s no reflection of sea,
My eyes show no rivers to swim in,
The sea is breathing me to ye,
There’s the silent gaze long done.

Not myself but still I follow on,
How I thought to bear thy life oft,
There many a day a night to show,
Is but one a choice is none left,
Cannot move on lest there’s nothing on.

There’s a sky that me spells,
Asunder is me without doubt,
Is not the soul that dwells
Beneath it all and then outs,
Sees the world listen to tales.

Sits back down on the bed again,
Now he’s thinking of those gone,
Where they are is suddenly gone,
What he was is not what he is,
Must walk away and leave again.

Just one flower

Reaching for the river is a flower,
I saw it tumble down from soil to rock,
Let it roll and swim away yonder,
Meets the great sea again all to lock,
The sound is what I see but n’er heard,
Brings me back to the times I saw,
Finds me a dear amongst the herd,
I’m sighting a flower amongst the four,
Then I’ll plant another for more,
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A man’s only Soliloquy

But it is in passing ere,
Let me set it down now;
For it was in passing here,
The song that set me down,
Then bestowed itself at will,
The trust that I am is nigh
Shall feel me again in peril,
Is not the way but none so high,
Am not lost for I am the light,
What way yond is fought nor why;
In better voice is none to fight,
Is bled but is not the blade to hire,
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To return

And neither was it there nor felt,
Is like a step or two what it was,
The hands be shaken at this they sought,
Indeed dared to see not what they were,
Then looked away the path it took,
Saw it divided in two ere more it shook,
Then coarsed through the tracks ere they lost,
Then united in them is nature’s bornéd past,
But long its path was yonder short,
At once walked away hither n’er return,
At once walked away ere none return.

Unsung thorn

In the distance where the clouds rose,
I saw a rose where grew in wonder,
Calling me steady as I tear apart,
There’s a girl calling me away;
Then sought are more to forget,
How soon I shall never collect,
None the words than to spell
A restful plea in honour’s wait,
Reached before the light she waits,
Saw me again for my attempt,
Then asked that I stop and live,
I will not die as much as she,
A rose here is only to grow again,
I’ll water another for thee,
No more my hand to bleed,
A rose once I knew is freed,
The thorn long I scorn is gone,
My words to miss you dearest are done.

Noble Man – III

You are born a man to be a man,
To be a man is to man up the man,
You man up in order to to be a man,
To become a man is to make a man,
You man can only in silence suffer,
To be a man is not to be a man,
You man is only us two divided,
To forget a man is never a man,
No man never said they can feel,
For man is a man that only thinks,
You man can only do when not, Read More