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Then he’s suddenly going along,
But we’re halfway to nowhere,
There’s only a long walk to go,
Then I’m making the way somewhere,
It’s just a while, oh how long.

But then I’m finding myself gone,
There’s no reflection of sea,
My eyes show no rivers to swim in,
The sea is breathing me to ye,
There’s the silent gaze long done.

Not myself but still I follow on,
How I thought to bear thy life oft,
There many a day a night to show,
Is but one a choice is none left,
Cannot move on lest there’s nothing on.

There’s a sky that me spells,
Asunder is me without doubt,
Is not the soul that dwells
Beneath it all and then outs,
Sees the world listen to tales.

Sits back down on the bed again,
Now he’s thinking of those gone,
Where they are is suddenly gone,
What he was is not what he is,
Must walk away and leave again.

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