Home ยป An hour for a day

Still as the night brewing,
Is more the night so still,
Shall stop my clock another,
My heart is singing for night,
More night for an hour;
More the night an hour eternal,
Bring the nightingale from rest
Where brings me soothing tales,
Long listened and hence soothed,
An hour, just an hour for a day,
Is all that asks time for once,
Just the day to form mine hour,

Still as light shall too the night,
Might my worries descend lower,
Ah! My night is worrying at rest,
One hour just for a day is least;
The soothing night takes my day,
An hour of night my day away,
And the night, the night, perfect,
An hour for just a day! a day,
Ah! Another hour for a day,
Where, I’ll await just the hour,
The hour neverending me not,
Nor me the night I shall equal,
An hour, just an hour for a day.

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