Home ยป A Lantern in the Deep

If you let me I will shine,
Let me shine this light through,
As nothing far from me breaks,
Only witin you can only break,
I’m lighting a path inside,
Within this heart so dark and cold,
Shall I this lamp behold,
May ice crack and heat disperse,
Because I freeze to death in heart,
Your chills are freezing me bare,
Who breathes an avalanche yet despair,
Who swims through ice yet endures,
Love, how long will you walk?
My legs are but caps that melt,
I shall walk for more to declare,
To declare who I am as that I am,
I won’t swim away without you,
My hands shall row us ashore,
Nor bear nor sun to take us hence,
If we are both so cold and iced,
At least it’s both of us diced.